A long and winding road

Posted by Daniel Felmer on

Since years you are crushing your skull to find the idea that is worth making a business. It has to be something you love, something you identify with, but of course also something that makes sense economically and financially - you talk to your friends and enemies, you see some of them succeed, some of them fail. You are getting more serious and you find out more and more - regulations, bureaucracy and of course you need a business plan. Then again you are comfortable where you are and your idea is not that good to leave your comfort zone.

So my wife Diana and me went through all of the above, so far it was great fun and a lot of hard work. We had our great moments but also our dark ones, moments when we know we will rule the world and moments when we quit. But we are moving ahead, we learned to work with each other, we listen to each other and we decide together what's good and what not. We for sure work in the right direction and eventually there will be also a business plan.

Anyhow, this is our creed: We love design, we love style, we love designers and we love their work. We want to share this love with you! And of course we love you.

We really hope you like our nice little selection of products made with love and care in Eastern Europe, we are very excited to showcase you the designers we are cooperating with.

We love you.

Diana & Daniel

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