Eastern Love Affair

The webshop Eastern Love Affair is closed. This site shows a summary of the work behind.

Selection of Blog Entries

Meet the Designers – An Interview with Daniel Lakos from Logideez

When we say that we love designers and we love their work, we mean it! With our Eastern Love Affair project not only do we wish to make Eastern European design items accessible to the western markets, but we also wish to promote the Eastern European design scene and the creative minds behind it. So…

Meet the Designers – An Interview with Ubikubi

After our first interview with Daniel Lakos from Logideez, we now travel to Romania to introduce you to Ubikubi, the creators of the ingenious ALBE Kitchen Containers.

Meet the Designers – An Interview with ESNAF by Archabits

Did you ever wonder how wooden toys come to life? We had the pleasure of interviewing the Archabits team, the creators of ESNAF Wooden Magnetic Toys, who revealed the process behind their creations – trade secrets excluded. Read on to find out!