Meet the Designers

Meet the Designers – An Interview with frantaagi

n our interview with award-winning designer frantaagi we talk about big dreams and how they can become reality if you believe in them and yourself. Read on and let yourself be inspired by her achievements and new endeavours.

Hi, please introduce yourself to our readers!

In 2010, I had a dream, so I began to produce lamps, soon I expanded this idea with switches and other home improvement products. The breakthrough came in 2013, my star lamp (stAArlight) was awarded by the Hungarian Design Award, since then many architects and interior designers are using them. I make my products the involvement of smaller manufactures.

Ági and the stAArlight lamps. Lamps available in our online shop.
How did frantaagi come to life?

I was in a difficult point in my life, I had a choice, try to do something on my own or become a secretary. I chose the first, and the dream I had was a great help. I began to break down my inner walls by enormous internal struggles, this soon manifested in external success. Today, I’m over the tip of the needle or the critical 51%. If I look back, I’d do the same thing.

What is the creative process behind your products? Where do you get your inspiration from?

I did not learn to design. I work fully intuitive, I touch materials, new objects, and dreaming is my greatest help. Nature is my greatest inspiration. If we observe nature we receive the most wonderful things – Existence, (God, the Source) and to know ourselves.

stAArlights interior
stAArlights interior
What materials do you use for your lamps and where do you source them?

Base material of stAArlight is recycled cardboard. The decision behind was hunch, no logic- I don’t plan based on the current trends…. No. My intention was to show how much opportunity is available in a simple gray cardboard, with only a few incisions and folds and you get a super form. So much so that it is exhibited in the Art Hall of Budapest. There is only one tiny difference between the boring cardboard and my lamp, I spiced the cardboard with ENTHUSIASM! This is my advice to everyone – you can do miracles out of everything, as long as you “fill” it with faith.

Left frantaagi folding the stAArlight lamp. Right stAArlight lamp (c) foto by Biró Dávid.
Left frantaagi folding the stAArlight lamp. Right stAArlight lamp (c) foto by Biró Dávid.
If you think of all the buildings, rooms and halls in the world, where would you like to see your lamps hanging and why?

I have a dream in the hall of a huge building (it could be anywhere in the world, it perhaps fits best into a spiritual sanctuary) where hundreds of stars hang from a source and around the wall  the thoughts about the power of dreams, perhaps planting seeds in our hearts which remind us of where we come from and what our mission is and that we are always in touch with the Source. The floor tiles on the floor would be my latest product (Star Tiles), which can be combined infinitely, referring to our individual paths. 

This might be more a performance, it could be anywhere, also in the lobby of a hotel. This requires brave designers. And…. I know it will happen!

frantaagi tiles
Your collections are now covering light shades, fairy lights, light switches. What is the next illuminated product we can expect?

The tile and the carpet. The pattern is the same for both. It was born from the silhouette of the stAArlight. We manufacture the first square meters these days 🙂 

frantaagi fairy lights
frantaagi fairy lights (c) foto by Kondoros Éva Katalin. Available in our online shop.
How would you describe the design & architecture scene in Hungary? 

I work and live very isolated, I would not form an opinion because it would be superficial. But I know and see a couple of infinitely talented youngsters whose work make me speechless. I trust in them and in their taste-shaping power, as it costs the same to build an ugly house or a nice one!

Any other Hungarian designers you are particularly fond of and we should definitely check out?

Kodolányi Gábor and Ducsai Judit

What are the places we shouldn’t miss going to when in Budapest? 

A sunrise from Gellert hill 🙂 It’s the best, honestly! 

Budapest - foto by Daniel Olah
(c) Foto by Daniel Olah
Something personal about yourself – what is your favourite food?

A huge bowl of salad, poured out with a favorite new sauce: mix of avocado, orange juice and red onion. It’s divine!

Thank you for the interview! We can’t wait to see the new floor tiles! In the meantime you can follow frantaagi also on Instagram and Facebook.