Meet the Designers

Meet the Designers – An Interview with In Wild We Trust

For our latest interview we had the pleasure of talking to the creator of the cutest children’s backpacks out there. Meet Nina from In Wild We Trust! Read on and find out what inspired the creation of these beautiful backpacks. 

Hi, please introduce yourself to our readers!

Hi, my name is Nina, I’m 31 years old and I live with my partner and two kids in Bratislava.

Nina from In Wild We Trust and her kids
Nina from In Wild We Trust and her kids
How did In Wild We Trust come to life?

It all started with an old backpack that I found in the attic. It had a timeless retro design. My son grew very fond of it and he brought it with him everywhere he went. People would always ask me where did we get such an amazing backpack from. Later I decided to make a few similar ones in 6 colors for the other kids as well.

In Wild We Trust backpacks in different colors. Available in our online shop.
What materials do you use for your backpacks and where do you source them?

The backpacks are made from cotton and they are water resistant. The straps are made from leather and metal. I always strive to work with natural materials so it’s as comfortable for the kids as possible.

Your backpacks are for kids only, do you also think about and adult version? What other next projects do you work on?

Yes, people usually ask me whether other sizes will be available too. I plan to make backpacks for older kids, and later, if everything works out well, for adults as well. 

In Wild We Trust packaging
The In Wild We Trust backpacks come carefully packed in super cute cardboard boxes. Perfectly suited as drawing boards too!
What are the most important things one should pack in his or her In Wild We Trust backpack?

The most important thing is that they carry everything they need with them, so they feel good and enjoy the trip. Sometimes it can even be a little thing, for example for my son it would be a piece of chocolate and for my daughter, it would be her favorite stuffed doggy.

The hidden treasures of a children’s backpack. Candy Pink backpack available in our online shop.
How would you describe the design & architecture scene in Slovakia? 

Considering that we’re quite a small country, I think we have a lot of good designers. Too bad that they often leave Slovakia to study abroad, where they usually stay to work. In my opinion, we have some great jewelers and cloth designers. There are some good architecture studios emerging as well, but generally, the architecture in our city is lacking a concept. New buildings are often built out of line with the historical surroundings and the reconstructions usually ignore the original architectonic values. It gives an incoherent impression.

Bratislava by Pixabay
Bratislava by Pixabay
Are there any challenges you might encounter as a young designer in Slovakia? How did you overcome them?

The market is quite small and we’re still struggling against fast fashion. However, a lot has changed and the consumer is much more informed and responsible. The thing I struggle the most with is combining the management of the company and the manufacturing process. If I could choose, I would much rather just make and design the products. I overcome this by making an extra effort to handle the business side as well 🙂

Any other Slovakian designers you are particularly fond of and we should definitely check out? 

Among the clothes designers, I like NeheraBuffet clothinguSHYTE. Good jewelers are Bepart and Hany Kasickova. In clothes for kids, there is KaiKai Kids and sidumilu.

What are the places we shouldn’t miss going to when in Bratislava?

My family’s favorite place are places near the Danube river, where we like to go to the beach or go for a beer to a small bar on the riverside called Mark Twain. When I’m in the city, I like to drink my morning coffee in Schöndorf Bio Cafe and if I feel like seeing some art, I usually go to the Slovak National Gallery.

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Something personal about yourself – what’s your favourite spot in the wild?

A picnic somewhere near the water, with the sun shining and not so many people around. That way we feel free. 

Green Tree Backpack available in our online shop.

Thank you for the interview! We hope we will soon see more beautiful backpacks to take on our wild adventures! In the meantime you can follow In Wild We Trust also on Instagram and Facebook.

(c) all images courtesy of In Wild We Trust