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10 Designer Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Check out our list of 10 unique designer gift ideas for Valentine’s Day and make your sweetheart a lovely surprise. Happy Lovers Day!

Srdce Heart Bowl

Fill up the Heart Bowl to reveal the heart. Available in pink or white, the Heart Bowl will always remind them of your love.

Triptic Vase

The elastic ring at the centre of the Triptic Vase lets you shape the vase according to your preferences and encourages you to experiment. The delicate vase has an ikebana feel and paired with wild flowers it will make for a very stylish gift.

Unfinished – The Playbook of Love

The Unfinished – Playbook of Love invites you to step into the world of playbooks where unfinished sentences and freely transformable artworks can be turned into your own love story. 

Essential Scented Candle – Rose

A gift that keeps on giving! Instead of the classic rose bouquet you could gift her the Essential Scented Candle with Rose fragrance and set the mood for a romantic candle light dinner. The candle has a burn time of up to 60 hours and the delicate scent of walking through a rose garden at sunrise will fill up the room every time you light it up.

Essential Scented Candle - Rose

Pink Unicorn High Sneakers

Who doesn’t love unicorns? And who doesn’t love sneakers? Bring the two together and you have the Pink Unicorn High Sneakers! Anyone wearing them will be on cloud nine!

Parisian Socks – 3 Socks in One Pair

Oh la la, the Parisian Socks come with 3 colourful socks in every pack. So even if your loved one is head over heels in love and constantly loses a sock they will have a spear one at hand.

CACTUS Citrus Juicer – Pink

Vitamin C, the potion for eternal beauty and happiness! Squeeze it out in style with the CACTUS Citrus Juicer!

Logifaces – The Beginner Set – Rose

Challenge your sweetheart with a Logifaces concrete puzzle. The Logifaces puzzles are a meditative tool, a creativity booster, a logical challenge. An analogue game for digital minds, a cool alternative for those lovely moments you are spending together.

Logifaces - The Beginner Set - Rose

Bent Tea Set Pink

For anyone who loves tea, the Bent Tea Set  will make an exquisite gift.  Made of coloured matte porcelain this new edition of an already established collection will add a warm atmosphere to your daily cup of tea. Also available in black. 

Bent Tea Set Pink and Grey

Sailorpack Kemping’73

If your sweetheart loves nature, hiking and design, the limited edition Sailorpack Kemping’73 Backpack with illustrations by Levi Csordás will for sure make their heart jump for joy. 

Sailorpack Kemping'73

Check out even more gift ideas in our I Love Design Valentine’s Day Special Collection. All items in our online shop are made with care by independent Eastern European designers and sourced with love by us.