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22 Original Gift Ideas for Design Lovers!

If you are still searching for the perfect gift, look no further! With our gift guide you can rest assured that your gifts will be the coolest, most original gifts under the Christmas tree this year! Without further ado, here are our top picks – of course made with love in Eastern Europe.

Gift Ideas from Eastern Europe with love

Gifts for the Home Decorator

Light up any stylish interior with the Pogo S Lamp which mimicks the opening of flower petals. Or decorate your walls with the Polygon Concrete Wall Clock – 100% handmade concrete clock with oak hour hand and noiseless, German quality clockwork.

Pogo S Lamp

For the inner child we have the Giraffe XL – the embedded magnets allow for the giraffe to be assembled in multiple ways.

You can’t go wrong with a scented candle with beautifully illustrated packaging and artisanal fregrences. A small and fine onion-shaped flower vase will also make an impression – when the blossoms of the flowers fade away, it can decorate your interior until the new ones come – similar to onions in the ground, waiting for spring. Gift a peace of land with a DRN (TURF) Flower Pot – each DRN has its mark of GPS location at the bottom. It’s a reminder of the defunct gardening settlement in Prague named Krejcárek.

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Gifts for Cooks

Anyone who enjoys spending time in the kitchen and their guests alike will appreciate the ingenious ALBE Cruet Stand – serve salt, pepper, oil or vinegar from mushroom-like ceramic containers with cork lids. Or help transform those dull mornings in heartfull moments with a Srdce Heart Bowl. 

For Mom & Baby we have the Rolling Pins Duo – Mini for the little helper and Bigi for the Chef! A citrus juicer will also come in handy and look great when shaped as a cactus!

CACTUS Citrus Juicer - Beige

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Gifts for Creatives

Creatives may be hard to impress, but not if you choose one of our carfully selected designer items: Logifaces are puzzles made out of concrete – an analogue game for digital minds. The award-winning “Swimmping Pool” Photo Book by Maria Svarbova will make for a perfect gift for any photo enthusias!

Take a book, its pages are half empty. What do you do with it? Challange the creativeness by gifting Unf_nish_d – The Playbook Of Love!  

To help your creative friends stay organized you can always gift them a Refillable Leather Notebook – it helps everyone to get creative and write their thoughts in a customizable tool which they can use for years to come. 

Pocket Notebook Brown Back

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Gifts for the Fashion-Conscious

Yes, we also have that! For stylish outdoor lovers we have the Sailorpack Kemping’73. Everyone loves socks – we have “odd but even” colourful socks or   Soseta3 socks that come in pairs of three, so it won’t matter if one sock gets lost (as they always do). 

Sailorpack Kemping'73
Geometric Socks

For the star of the show the Pink Unicorn High Sneakers are just the right eye-catcher!

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Gifts for Kids

Last but not least, here are some cool gift ideas for the little ones. A sweet children’s backpack to keep all treasures will always come in handy at any hike. 

The embedded magnets of these wonderful, handmade wooden toys will allow the little ones to assembled each toy in multiple ways – not only a great game but also an intellectual challenge.

The Brementown Musicians Toy Set

A stylish and practical gift – the Lunch Bags are available in different cool designs to match every taste! And for the stylish ladys out there we have beautiful designer dolls!

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We hope you enjoyed our selection and now feel inspired! All items in our online shop are made with care in Eastern Europe, by small, independent designers and handpicked with love by us, Diana & Daniel.